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Q: What is My Best Consult (MBC)?

My Best Consult (MBC) – Matchmaking Service is a consulting service, a group of professionals, lecturers, researchers and students who have the same idea of development. We believe that seeking for True Love is very difficult. It is not an easy task. We have to look for the best and suitable friends or special someone. We should not wait for the True Love to come to us. We have to start to find it by all means. So that My Best Consult (MBC) is committed to provide the solution to such a difficulties task.

Q: What is True Love?

True Love means that to love someone and he/she also love you back and both of you could accept all good and bad conditions or perfect and imperfect conditions. All conditions refer to personalities, education, occupation, family conditions, life style and standards of living.

Q: Why should I use My Best Consult (MBC)?

A: Because it’s the easiest, most convenient way to find someone with whom you’ll really connect. We understand that due to the fast and hectic working pace, many professionals do not have time to meet people outside their existing social circle.

Through our comprehensive pre-screening processes, we weed out those whose interests and lifestyles are not compatible with yours. There is no rejection to deal with, and you can dictate the pace of the process.

We will never disclose your membership details without your permission. Our consultants are instructed to never discuss members’ details with anyone outside.


Q: Why should I pay to join My Best Consult when I can meet people online for free?

A: The price difference may actually be beneficial, as it screens out people who are just “fooling around” on the Internet, including people already in relationships, who just want to “check out” who else might be available.

A vast majority of My Best Consult members are looking for a serious relationship. And majority of them are educated professionals. Many of our clients are those would never use online dating as they are in good professions, managerial or professionals jobs and prefer that their privacy and confidentiality is preserved.

Our service is also very personalized. We work as an intermediary between you and the people whom you will be going on the dates with. We also provide accurate and verified information about them. As we have met you personally, we will choose dates whom we think are appropriate for you.

With online dating, you have to personally verify that the person is who he/she says he/she is, and you have to ascertain whether or not it makes sense to meet him/her. In addition, online dating can be truly time-consuming. At My Best Consult, we spend time sifting through potential people for you, so you, as a busy professional can maximize your time.


Q: How do I join My Best Consult?

A: All you need to do is to fill up the application form at our office and we will contact you at a time convenient to you. Hence it is important for you to include your phone number and the email so we can contact or talk to you personally.

We will then call you to schedule a face-to-face chat to give you a detailed evaluation of the type of people you will meet, how often you will meet them and the exact prices.


Q: What are the advantages of using My Best Consult?

A: On many other dating platforms, there is often no middle man to properly check for exaggeration or falsification of personal details. Even seeing a photograph of a potential is no longer truly “safe” as there is no ensuring whether or not the photograph is genuine or even knowing how long time ago it was taken.

At My Best Consult, we meet and interview every member in person. We check each person’s identification so that all our clients are protected against such frauds. Hence with accurate details and genuine romance seekers, we are able to make quality matches for our clients and ensure a safe dating environment.

At My Best Consult you also have the opportunity to discuss your dates with a consultant and therefore “fine tune” your dating criteria. The more people you meet at My Best Consult, the more feedback you give your consultant, the better we get to know you and the type of person you are seeking. Ultimately, the chances of you to meet the right person are more prepared.


Q: When do I pay for the fees?

A: The consultation is free of charge. You will only have to pay when you already decide to register to use My Best Consult - Matchmaking Service and later on you will decide to choose to buy any one service package at the time when you know who you are going on the date with and only if we can find suitable people for you. If we think your profile is quite difficult to match, we will suggest you to buy a larger package one off or increase the length of time we find you the right person.

Q: How does My Best Consult work?

A: My Best Consult process is really simple!

Call us or enquire through our website, and we will help you schedule a no-obligations appointment.

Once you use our service, we will check with our database for a suitable date.

We coordinate and arrange your date. All you have to do is to turn up at the restaurant and enjoy your date!

After the date, we will contact you to find out how the date went.

Using your feedback, we will refine your dating criteria and start to find you your next date.

Precise and personal matchmaking is one of the best features that dating services offer. It allows you to find those people who most closely match your criteria, while at the same time making sure that you also fit theirs, so as to maximize your chances of matching together.

Q: Can I meet more than one package?

A: Yes, the more you meet, the more chance you'll get to meet someone whom you will like. My Best Consult tried our best to make sure you meet your match within the number of meetings package. But you can sometimes purchase the same package again if you want to know more people.

Q: What are the minimum criteria?

A: To be a member, the client must be single, aged 22 years to 55 years, employed, owner of business (or has sufficient income), and finished high school or bachelor degree graduated.

Q: What types of people join My Best Consult?

A: Our members are very much like you from normal single to professionals. Busy and active single professionals who are seeking for long term relationships. Many of our clients are in good professions, managerial or professionals jobs and prefer to preserve their privacy and confidentiality. Members include lawyers, health care professionals, and professionals in information technology, finance, sales, education and many other busy successful people.

Q: What if I don’t like a particular date?

A: Though we are confident in the quality of our matches, if you don’t like a particular date, you can just cut your date short (after all, it is over lunch… all you have to do is to simply go back to work earlier), call your consultant and give specific, constructive feedback.

Inevitably dates will improve as you give more feedback and we are able to establish some benchmarks on the type of person you wish to date. It is a proven system of gradual success.

Q: What do My Best Consult consultants do?

A: Once you ask our consultants to make a selection on your behalf, the following processes involve a substantial amount of behind the scenes work. This includes going through our files of profiles, searching our database and talking with colleagues to find the right match.

Each consultant’s selection is genuinely hand-picked based on our detailed knowledge of members.


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